Monday, June 2, 2008

Watch it

I don't like wearing my wristwatch. I wear it at work when I have to, but I'm going to take off for the next 20 minutes while I type some stuff.


Jacob said...

I don't own a wristwatch. I get my time from my cell phone, which I keep in my pocket. It seems to work well, but having a lump in my pocket also gets annoying.

The wristwatch industry sure took a hit after cell phones started telling time. I say they should fight back and create wrist-phones.

Underblog said...

I hate wearing my watch too. But I love watching my watch. I really hate the way zippers catch my skin when I reach into a pocket to retrieve my cell phone.

I want a heads-up display with a time stamp.

Mary said...

I have never worn a watch. That way I can annoy people I know and people I don't know by asking them what time it is.

gb said...

i don't wear a watch because i never learned to tell time. it's easier to have people yell at me about the time than figure out all those numbers.